Hey, everyone, it's Erica at 1Brand.

So excited to have you onboard. I want to quickly show you how to use the interface and the basic functionality of 1Brand.

Getting started

Once you are signed up, you'll be prompted to put in your brand name. Today, we're going to look at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. [Erica inputs brand name and website.] This is their website.

If you are doing a major rebrand or starting with a brand that doesn't have a website, you can use this little 'start from scratch' button. 

But we have a website, so we're just going to hit the 'grab' button and wait a moment while our software works its magic.

[Erica waits a moment for 1Brand to finish.]

Voila! There is goes.

You can either hit this 'make changes' or hit 'continue' down here.

Approving and adjusting colors

The first thing we're going to be prompted to do is add our brand colors. So we know that colors and getting the right color model values are super important. 

We can edit titles and tags for anything. This gray we'll call "Gravel Gray" because we're a conservatory. And we can add tags like it's our "Primary". These are just suggestions for standard tags. You can always add your own. Say, we had a bunch of grays, and we wanted to tag them all "Gray" specifically. Just type the tag and hit enter, and it tags it. Done.

Let's say we were specifically making some staff t-shirts in this orange. And we wanted to make sure to have the CMYK value for this. You can use this dropdown to select CMYK and change it over. Going to change this title to be "Staff T-Shirts" and I will put "Print" as the tag.

You can customize these colors further. You can delete them if they aren't right. Just like that. And you can, of course, add color. Just select what you need, and you can toggle through the color models, if you only have specific information on one type.

Once we're done with our colors, we're going to continue to add your logos.

Approving and adjusting logos

One really cool feature of the published version of our brand guidelines is that you can download the logos on the guideline themselves. We really encourage you to upload a high-resolution version of your logo in a vector format.

Just click here and it's a very standard drag and drop or search through the files on your computer to find those files that are a high-resolution.

So Volunteer Conservatory doesn't apparently have a standard logo; they have a picture. That's cool. We can update and change that.

We can edit the title and tags. Maybe this actually a "Photo" view.

We can also do logo spacing in the 'Update' function. Logo spacing is super important for white space around the logo. Just turn the feature on. You can mess with the guides. It's in pixels.

I like the spacing in multiple because you don't want to think about this stuff. I just want to make sure it's always 1.5x bigger than my logo for the space around it. Then hit 'Done.'

Then we're going to hit 'Continue' because we've finalized our Logos.

Approving and adjusting logos

Then we will come here to the Typography. 

So right now, we are using Google's font database to pull previews of fonts. They don't have everything, and I'm pretty sure it's open-sourced. We're looking to add more fonts and another font database.

But, just kind of a disclaimer, there's lots of legal things around font ownership, so we don't have the ability for you to just upload a font file from your computer like you could the logo file.

But you can hit this 'Font' button and search for a font in Google's database, and add it on this screen.

Like the other sections, you can add customized tags and name them different things. We automatically pull some things in from your website like H1 tags.

Then once we've done those three things, we are finished with our 1Brand guidelines!


There is a draft that we can preview. We can preview it with different cover art. Right now, this is our standard offering. But we're hoping to do some customized cover art to match your branding soon.

We are just going to go with the 'Clean and Simple' version. Selected it. Hit 'Publish.'


This publish page gives you the embed code to just add to your website so these hosted guidelines are one your site.

You can also see this URL if you want to open up your brand guidelines and take a look at them.

Guideline tour

Here's your cover. 

Little table of contents. 

A preview of what this looks like. 

Here's those colors. The customization and those tags we added. One feature I love is that you can just hover over these and copy the color model to your clipboard. No guessing or transposing numbers, all those things that can cause your branding to go wonky.

Here's your logo. You just hover over this and download your logo. Again, this is where having your high-resolution, vector version of your logo is going to be super beneficial. 

Here is the logo spacing. So it shows you how much spacing needs to be around this logo.

Here is some basic logo rules. We know people don't want morphed color or weird shadows in the background of their logos. Just no.

And here's is the Typography to preview what that looks like.

Here's a simple glossary of terms. Let's say someone is using this, doesn't know what the word "Logomark" is, and you've labeled one of your logos "Logomark." They can reference this glossary

And that's it. 

Happy branding! And I hope you have a wonderful time using 1Brand to enhance your brand guidelines.

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