After you finalize and publish in 1Brand, you can embed your brand guidelines on any page of your website or intranet to create a seamless experience for your clients and anyone who needs access to them.

For example, you could display your guidelines on, instead of linking to To do this, you'll embed your brand guidelines with an iframe. It’s as simple as adding a YouTube video to your site.

Create a page:

Step one, create the page on your website where you want these guidelines to live. You'll use the same process you use to create any other marketing page on your website. This may be as easy as creating a page with your CMS, or it may require some help from your dev team, depending on your specific setup.

Embed the guidelines:

Step two, embed the brand guidelines into the new page on your website. This page will have one line of code with the iframe source. If you're using a CMS, you'll need to go into the view that lets you enter html directly into a page.

You'll then enter this code:

<iframe src=""></iframe>

Next, replace the URL inside the quotation marks with the brand guidelines URL that you received from 1Brand when you published your guidelines.

If you need to find this URL again, head over to, and grab the URL by either hovering over your thumbnail preview; hitting the copy icon on the bottom right-hand side of the thumbnail preview; or opening your guidelines in a new window and copying the URL from your browser.

Once you have adjusted this iframe code in your new page and saved it in your CMS, navigate to your page, and you'll see your 1Brand-hosted brand guidelines.

That's it — you're all set!

For updating your guidelines, simply log into your 1Brand account, edit your guideline, and hit “Publish” once you’re done, and we’ll automatically and instantly update your guidelines everywhere they’re embedded.

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