How do I update my email address?

Updating your email address is easy! When you log into your 1Brand account, you’ll first want to navigate to the Account page in the navigation menu (top right-hand) and select “Profile” from the drop-down.

From here, add the new email and click on “Update.”

How do I change my password?

We all need to update our passwords sometimes. With 1Brand, it’s a simple as navigating to your account page:

Typing in your new password, and clicking update!

One thing to keep in mind is that your password will need to be 16 characters and include upper case, lowercase, at least 1 number, and 1 symbol. I know it’s a bit much, but we take your security seriously!

How do I change the owner of my account?

Leaving your role and need to transfer an account? Simply update the email associated with the account!

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