Editing and Adding your Brand Fonts

Let’s start with an initial disclaimer: most fonts are copyrighted by the person or company who made them. Currently, 1Brand uses Google’s font database to pull in previews of the fonts. Google’s database features 960 fonts, which means it’s not the most comprehensive as there are 200,000+ different fonts in use around the web and in print.

What this means for you — you might see font previews that are blank in 1Brand. Due to font ownership legalities, we also don’t have the ability to upload fonts, even if your font is custom or you own a license to use it.

We are working on adding more font databases in future product updates.

Ok, now let’s move on to the customization. Customization here is going to be exactly like colors. Add fonts (from the database), delete fonts, and edit/tag fonts. Make sure you title and tag them based on how you’d like the font used — like only for headers or only on blog content.

You also have the ability to add specific use cases for your fonts (mobile, web, print, etc.) and additional fonts to add to the family (bold, light, italics, etc.).

That's all there is to it!

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