If you have any questions about your payments or billing, please reach out to us. We’ll get back to you asap to help get your questions answered.

How do I update my credit card?

When your subscription is up for renewal, you’ll receive email notifications and be able to update your credit card information. Eventually, you’ll be able to make these updates directly on your subscription page. If you need to update this at any point, let us know.

How do I update my billing address?

Currently, you can update your billing address either in your renewal process or reach out to us.

How do I remove my credit card?

This is another area we’re working on for self-service. Right now, you’ll need to contact us.

Why is my subscription suspended?

It’s likely either your credit card failed or you did not have a credit card on file when your renewal date hit. Please reach out, and we’ll figure out what happened.

Can I pay by invoice?

Right now, only our Unlimited plan can be paid by invoice. All other subscription payments must be made by credit card in our self-service payment interface.

Where do I find my receipts?

Eventually, you’ll be able to access everything self-service. With each payment, you’ll receive your receipts in your email. However, if you ever need help finding one, we’ll make that happen.

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