Your Agency subscription lets you add an unlimited number of team members to your account. Yep, that's what we said, unlimited! As your team grows and evolves, 1Brand makes it simple to make changes to who does and does not have access to your account.

Want more? The number of seats can be controlled from a client level.

Let's break it down.

Client Switcher

The first thing you want to do is choose which client you want to manage your team for.

Team Management

From the top right-hand side of the page, click on the "Agency" link and then choose "Team" on the left navigation. This will drop you onto the Team management page.

  1. From here you can filter your view to see which team invitations have been accepted and which ones are still pending.

  2. Need to add a new team member? Just click this button and add the the person's name and email. We'll then get an invitation with instructions out to them to join your account.

  3. If you've grown a lot, you can quickly search for different team members by typing in their name or email.

Team Roles

Now that you have your team members on board, it's time to manage their permissions. As the admin, you'll have access to 5 different roles to choose from:

Admin: Provides full account level control. They will be able to manage teams, clients, and billing/subscription needs.

Editor: Provides full access to be edit and create brand guidelines. Editors will not be able to manage team members or subscription/billing information.

User: Can view but can not change any guidelines or account information. This is a good role to assign to Clients if you'd like them to be able to see their guidelines before its published.

Need to disable or delete a team member? Just choose the dropdown and select whichever option you'd like.

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