With your Agency subscription, you can add as many Basic tier Clients as you need. With a few simple clicks, you can also manage and assign Pro licenses to Clients as you grow.

Let's see how it works.

Client Switcher

The Client Switcher gives you access to quickly switch between your different Client accounts with a dropdown menu. Your agency account and any favorited Client accounts are always available from this menu.

Assigning Client Licenses

You get an unlimited number of Clients at the basic tier, included with your agency subscription. If you would like to upgrade a Client to take advantage of additional branding features of 1Brand, you need a Client license.

  1. Add a new Client at any time be clicking on the "New Client" button.

  2. Upgrade a Basic Client subscription to Pro by purchasing new licenses or assigning an existing unused license to them. If your Client is no longer with you, you can archive their guideline to free up a Pro license. You can also delete a Client to complete remove their data.

  1. If you need to purchase additional Pro Client licenses, click on the "Add client Licenses" link.

  2. You can subscribe to Pro licenses one at a time, or you can subscribe to multiple licenses at once to earn bonus Pro client licenses at no cost for the first year. Your agency's default payment method will then be charged for any new client license subscriptions added.

Manage Client Billing

Client subscriptions can be managed from the Subscription page of each client's account. From there, you can see the renewal date, and make changes to their subscription if you have admin permissions.

Non-admins, will not see the Subscription page and will not be able to manage client subscriptions or licenses.

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